Key    Features

Merge three identical items to get a new one

Help Alice rescue her friends lost in wonderland

Rebuild and upgrade canteens to collect more

Make orders to feed Alice and cure lands

Tips   to   Play   The   Game

If you merge five, you can get two instead of one

Save magic crystals for high-level items

Saving treasures for the Tueasure Hunt Event

Special Events often happen on weekends

Where    to    find    us?

Leave us a message via [email protected]

People    who    love    us

Patricia Stevens

It's fun and easy if you start at the beginning. It's something grandkids can pick up anytime in the middle of your game and not mess it up.

Romy Baddour

I like the game and all, just sort of forget about it at times. Different events and islands to work on at any given time.

Danielle Reyes

I like the ability to earn coins/rubies and purchase pretty decent things with, and will continue to play!